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Texas 4 Hour Nail Tech Pkg $30    

Texas 4 Hour Manicurist Package

Sanitation for Cosmetology:
  • The course introduces those such as manicurists,hairstylists and barbers to the issues that might arise should they come into contact with blood and/or other body fluids during the course of their workday.

Topics covered include
  • an overview of HIV/AIDS, how it's spread,
  • HIV prevention,
  • Universal Precautions (barrier protection, personal cleanliness, and disinfection),
  • the distinction between disinfectants and antiseptics,
  • sanitation of hands, tools, and other equipment
  • requirements for salon cleanliness as defined under the Texas Administrative Code.
  • other bacterial, viral and fungal infections,
  • sterilization and disinfection,

Pedicure Essentials:

  • This course introduces the essentials concerning  foot care, pedicures and the professional role of a pedicurist.
  • The course describes the importance of sanitation, disinfection procedures, & preparation of the pedicure.



Illinois Electric Nail File $40

This course provides an extensive overview of the use of electric files in beasuty salons. The course discusses the various types of electric files & covers the features, benefitsuse, sanitation, disinfection,  and bit selection for electric files.  The proper usage techniques and the proper problem solving techniques to apply when using an electric file is also covered.

Learning Objectives
  • •Know the history of the electric file & the industries it has served
  • •Note the universal sanitation practice regarding electric files
  • •Be familiar with the use of whirlpools
  • •Understand the sanitation, disinfection, & sterilization requirements related to the use of electric files
  • •Identify the different kinds of electric files and their uses
  • Understand the different techniques for using the electric file safely
  • •Understand the process of electric file selection and electric file bit selection